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    Dollar Tree Must Buys – Part 1

    How many times have you driven by a Dollar Tree store and thought it was just filled with cheap, worthless junk? 

    Well take it from a DT loyal shopper, thats further from the truth. There are so many great items to purchase. And the best thing about it is the quality is just as good if not better than the same items you’d find in your local Walmart or Target store. 

    I have been shopping Dollar Tree for over 15 years. I have tried just about all their products. Today, I am super excited to share with you my favorite items and items worth your money. 

    Home Decor

    Seasonal Decor: They have the best seasonal decor. They usually start putting out the decor 2-3 months before the season holiday. I.e.- Christmas decor hits shelves around late September, early October. Tip- When you see something you want, get it then because there is no guarantee it will be there when you come back. Dollar Tree doesn’t normally restock their holiday and seasonal items. 

    Floral: Dollar Tree has stepped up their game when it come to their floral department. They have the most pretty flowers and greenery. I’ve used their floral items for so many DIYs around my home and classroom and they have lasted time and time again. 

    Picture Frames: They have a wide selection. Comes in a variety of sizes, colors and designs. The options are endless. 

    Candles: Now these are toss up. They have the cutest candles, but not all of them burn the best or smell the same once you burn them. But heck for $1, it’s worth the risk I think.

    Vases: Dollar Tree has a wide variety of vases and other glass containers you can use for storage and to decorate. 


    Health & Beauty

    Cotton Balls & Cotton Pads: If you purchase these in your local Walmart or Target, they’ll cost you $2-4. Why pay that when you can get them for $1 and the quality is the same. 

    Topical Creams: I know some people stay away from “off brand” health items but I have compared the ingredients of these creams with their Name Brand counterparts and let me tell you they are the same. My favorite creams are Triple Antibiotic, Hydrocortisone, A&D Ointment, & Eczema.


    Band-aids: Another no brainer. They also sell a Liquid Skin that works fantastic.

    Hair Accessories: The amount of hair supplies DT has is endless. Do yourself aa favor if you’re in need of a brush, comb, hair tie or bow, pick them up. I don’t know about you but I’m always misplacing bobbie pins or hair ties.


    Nail Polish Remover Dispenser: These bottle are not only great for nail polish remover. You can use these for any liquid. I have a bottle for my face toner, rubbing alcohol, and micellar water. They help on not wasting excess product. You simply put the cotton ball/pad on top and push down until desired wetness.  

    Make-up: I’ll give you a fair warning, stay clear of the off brand. But be on the lookout for name brand makeup items. I have gotten some ELF cosmetics and Maybelline. 

    Shaving Cream: Be on the look out for the Personal CARE brand (see picture). This brand is great. Perfect for normal or sensitive skins. Leaves the legs filling silky smooth.  

    Ice Packs & Heat Patches: If your a mom, you definitely need these on hand. They have a few varieties, ones you can throw in the freezer or the pouches you can put ice inside. The heat patches are also good for a variety of things an d they come in a variety of sizes. 


    Safety: They use to only carry the outlet covers, but I have recently seen the cabinet locks. These are a essential in my house as I have a little boy how loves “exploring”. The quality of both the outlet covers and cabinet locks are as great as the name brand ones.

     Bibs: Pick up both the easy wipe plastic ones (for feeding time), as well as their new designed handkerchief design cloth ones (to catch drool and spit up). I used them all the time when my son was a baby. They last use after use after use. And for a a$1 you can’t beat it.  

    Bath Toys: Dollar Tree has a wide variety of toys and even books you can use in the bath tub or any water activities. I usually get their variety pack of sea creatures and zoo animals. 

    Body Wash and Shampoo: Theses are gentle on a baby’s delicate skin all while cleansing them. My son had really bad eczema and I never had an issue with skin irritation or breakouts when I used these items. 

    Celebration & Party Supplies

    Greeting Card: Why spend $2-5 on a card when you can get it for $0.50-$1. Dollar Tree cards are HalMark brand. Tip: Pick up multiple type cards to create a Greeting Cards box at your house. That way you always have cards on hand in case of an emergency, lol. 

    Gift Bags & Tissue Paper:  Do yourself a favor and get them from Dollar Tree. They have a great selection of types and sizes. They eve have value packs where you get 2 or 3 bags for a $1. You can’t beat that. 

    Party Favors: Having a kids birthday party, graduation party or shower, definitely check out there favor section. You’ll find the same favors as the ones in stores like Party City or Target party section, for a faction of the price. 

    Decorations: I get just about all my party decor from here. They even have famous character theme decor. I’ve gotten Spider-Man, Micky Mouse, and Bat-Man decoration. Along with theme specific decoration they also have regular colors and style decoration that perfect for your next party. 

    Balloons: $1 for the same balloons that Party City sells for $3-$8, another no brainer. And DT Balloons last forever and have a great variety. My son’s birthday balloons were still flying high in the corner of his room, 2 months after his birthday. I have also seen the foil letter and number balloons. So do yourself a favor and save you some money. Buy your balloons at the Dollar Tree. 

    Household Supplies

    Plastic Storage Containers: Hands down some of the best containers I have gotten have been from the Dollar Tree. I like the different color selection they have as the seasons change. I’ve used these containers not just for storage in my house (pantry, cabinets, fridge, closets) but also in my classroom. And another item that if you see a style or color you like in your local DT store, grab them, because it may not be there if and when you come back.

    Cleaning Supplies: If you see a bottle of Awesome, grab one or two or ten. Yes it is that good. It is a multi-purpose cleaner that stands up to its name. They also have the brand Fabuloso thats great as well. 

    Dishwasher Pods: Yes you read it right, their store brand dishwasher pods are thee best I’ve use. Leave my dishes sparkling clean with no water residue. If you see them stock up. You get 10 in a pouch and they are worth every cent. 

    Cleaning Brushes, Dusters & Rags: They have a great selection of cleaning supplies. My top picks are the scrub brushes, microfiber cloths and dusters.   

    Shelf & Drawer Liners: Pick up these essentials. They can be used for much more than lining a drawer or cabinet shelf. I really like the self-adhesive version. I have used them for a many of my DIYs.

    Food Storage Containers: Now all food storage containers are not created equal at DT. The only ones I use and highly recommend from the Dollar Tree are the snap lid (the purple lid ones) They are BPA free, durable, dishwasher and microwave safe. Also, keep your eyes open for the fruit and veggie storage containers. Those are great for prolonging the life of your favorite fruits like blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries.

    Plugin Scented Warmers: Save yourself $8-10 and stop buy the Wall Flowers from Bath & Body works because the ones at the Dollar Tree work just as good. Now granted, they don’t have as many scent options but who needs an overwhelming amount of options. Not me!

    Over the Cabinet Towel Bar: Theses things are great. I purchased a similar one from my local TJMaxx store before seeing these at my local DT. Believe me when I say they work the same and quality is the same. These don’t stay in stock long so if you see them, pick them up!

    To be continued.....

    This is just part one. As I was writing, I realized that this post was getting pretty long, so I decided to split my Dollar Tree favorites and must buys into two posts. I don’t know about you, but to much can definitely make me feel a  little overwhelmed. 

    Comment below some of the things you are going to look for the next time you’re in Dollar Tree. Or, if you’re an avid DT shopper like me, I’d love you hear your favorite items and finds.

    Make sure to subscribe, if you’re not subscribed so you will be the first to know when I post Part 2 and so much more. 

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