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    Anyone who knows me knows I love Amazon and better than that I love a good amazon find. I have been rocking with them for at least ten years. I use to have order my textbook for my college classes from Amazon. 

    Since then, Amazon has come a long way. What I love about Amazon is  you can find just about anything and can get your items within 2-day (w/ Prime Membership). 

    One thing you have to be aware of is that some items on Amazon can be hit or miss. I have had my far share of misses. But today,  i want to share my top Amazon accessories hits. These products have been purchased with my own money and tested over the course of at least 2 weeks.

    So let’s dive right in!


    Both of these belts are real leather and last. I love the added detail the double circle buckle adds to an outfit. The leopard belt is a great way to dress up a simple outfit or add a pop to color/pattern to any outfit. I have paired both belts with my leopard loafers and pumps

    Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    If you use any type of screen in any capacity throughout the day, you need these. These glassesuse a special yellow tint lenses that blocks the high-energy blue lights from all sources. 

    Since I have started using these glasses, I have notice that my eyes are less strained and tired feeling by the end of the day. I also notice that I don’t suffer from mild headaches after being on my computer/phone/tablet for an extended length of time. These were defiantly worth the purchase and I would repurchase them without question. 

    Purse Organizer

    So I am that person who has to switch out her purse to match her outfit. I had a mini backpack I use to carry around and used as a diaper bag. But now that my son is older and I don’t need all the “baby essentials” I’ve switched back to carrying my handbags. This purse organizer makes it so much simple to keep my things and my son’s items organized and easily accessible. The handles make it easy to grab it out of one bag and place it in another. It is a perfect size and fits all size handbags perfectly. 


    Can I just say that Amazon is killing the game with the statement earrings. They are high quality and half the price of designer look-a-likes. But these 2 styles are by far my current faves. They add a pop of color to any outfit, can be dressed up or down and so light weight. Both also come in a wide range of color options and styles. I have about 5 currently and in the process of ordering a few more. 


    Wrap bracelets are back in style and I couldn’t be happier. Amazon has a wide selection and variety of themAnother good amazon find are these David Yurman inspired bracelets (dupes). Great quality at the fraction of the cost. I really like the fact that they are multi-color gold so you can wear them with both yellow and white gold accessories. 


    I have the worst time keep sunglasses. I either loose them, break them or get tired of the style. With that being said,  I am not one to spend lots of money on my sunglasses. Being able to find high quality and reasonably priced sunglasses is a must for me. If you are like me, once again, Amazon has me covered. I always find fashionable, high-quality sunglasses at a great price on Amazon. I have order several different ones off Amazon and never been disappointed. These above are my top 2 current faves. 


    Daisy Rose is a company on Amazon that make designer inspired accessories. They have a wide selection ranging from handbags to coin purses. Their items are high quality and so fashionable. If you are able to purchase some don’t hesitate because they usually sell out very quickly. But the good thing is they always restock. 


    This fedora is everything. If you’re like me, having a big head or lot of hair, wearing a hat was either not an option or options were limited. However, this fedora beach style hat has an adjustable draw string inside, so it truly is one size fits all. It comes in several color and style option. I definitely recommend purchasing one or two!!

    That’s a wrap. As I stated before, Amazon is killing the game on accessories. If you have purchased some accessories from Amazon that you love, please share them down below in the comment sections. I am always looking for good finds!! 

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